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The campaign to get real estate giants to stop selling properties in the West Bank and Palestine is now two years old and part of a national movement. Palestinian landowners whose land has been expropriated in recent years as Israel intensifies its settlement policy. Georgian and Israeli billionaires believe they have found their way into the heart of Israel's illegal settlements.

Hamas and Israel agreed on a six-month ceasefire after President Carter urged Hamas to accept a cease-fire limited to Gaza, rather than covering the West Bank and Gaza. Although the exact terms are disputed, the basic agreement was that Hamas would cease attacks on Israel if Israel ceased attacks on Gaza, and that Israel would cease settlement activity in the Palestinian territories.

Few items remain on Netanyahu's wish list, as the entire package is intended to force the Palestinians to accept that they are an inferior people. Israeli sovereignty, which covers a small part of the West Bank that is not inhabited by Palestinians, will not change anything on the ground. A Palestinian state would be without a sovereign "Palestinian state" and without the right to self-determination of its citizens.

Israel's withdrawal from Gaza does not change the fact that it remains the occupying power and that the Palestinians continue to live under occupation. Israeli settlements in the West Bank will continue to grow, and violence will increase if Israeli settlers refuse to leave Gaza. In Gaza, the situation is even worse than in parts of the West Bank, and both Gaza and parts of it remain in a serious state of affairs. In 2014, Israel imposed fishing restrictions, but Palestinians living outside Gaza are not allowed to fish in their own waters, even though they can fish within Israel's borders.

Kretzschmar points out, however, that the military has used this legal framework to expand settlement activities in Palestine, seizing real estate, imposing strict restrictions on local populations, and building highways in Gaza exclusively for Israeli citizens. In Gaza, where Israel confiscates land for settlement construction, it also prevents West Bank Palestinians from buying or renting those settlements.

The Israeli government is demanding the construction of a "settlement network" as a result of the recent conflict, which cuts Palestinian communities off from each other. The settlement network has serious implications for the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, especially in Gaza.

Palestinian Authority (PA), an administrative organization nominally administering the West Bank and Gaza Strip and parts of East Jerusalem. Palestinian Authority, an interim administrative organisation (IAEA) in the Palestinian Territories, and is nominally managed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHRC).

Abbas's Palestinian Authority is limited to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, where it administers all major population centers. According to the Israeli government on which this investigation is based, more than 400,000 settlers are living in settlements in Palestinian territory that are in violation of international law and have disrupted the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Palestinian and Israeli citizenship and residence rights are legal in these settlements, but only 400 live on private land owned by a Palestinian.

Israeli authorities have been able to approve new settlement construction in places where it is difficult or impossible to refuse Palestinian land. Palestinian courts confirmed in September 2010 that the cultivation of olive trees is the hallmark of private property of Palestinians and that the sale of Palestinian land to Israelis is punishable by death. Selling property to Jews remains taboo among Palestinians because it is seen as supporting Israel's illegal expansion of "Palestinian land."

Israel has arrested 50 Hamas lawmakers in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, including the speaker of parliament. The parties of change and reform (green on the map) won a majority in the first round of elections to the new Palestinian Authority parliament in June 2010, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Hamas has spent years building its own government in Gaza, including hiring new officials to replace Abbas loyalists. Israel has been a key ally of Israel since the 1967 Middle East war, arguing that Israel uses force against Palestinians to block access to it and its settlements. This is Israel's work, especially to convince Israelis that there is no alternative to the continued oppression of the Palestinians.

The Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO) argued in the report that "Israel's withdrawal is not a withdrawal from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, but a return to the status quo. The report condemns the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories as a violation of international law and calls on Israel to grant Palestinians access to their land and water and the right to self-determination. It argues that there is no alternative but to abide by the Oslo Accords and end the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since the 1967 war, including the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. The land dispute is increasingly concentrated in the remaining territories of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the right of self-determination of the Palestinians. Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza, as well as East and Jerusalem, from Palestinians in the 1967 war, whose territories they want for a future state.

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