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International travel may be pleasant and easy for most of us, but for Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, it is nothing short of a nightmare. The residents are often eager to travel, but the process of leaving Gaza without a terminal is very complicated and they curse the day they were born as Gazans while trying to leave Gaza. Israel closes border crossing after border crossing, making it impossible for any Palestinian to leave Israel, the West Bank or any other country. There are no direct flights from Gaza to any country in the world because Gaza airport, opened in 1999 by former President Bill Clinton, has been closed by Israel for more than 33 months.

Palestinian tour operators cannot fly groups from Gaza to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport, which they cannot fly to, dealing a major blow to Palestinian carriers. Palestinians are allowed to enter the Gaza Strip through the Erez crossing, but must first apply for entry. Since the West Bank is occupied by Israel and has no sovereign border crossing, Palestinians leaving through Rafah must send their passports to the Palestinian Authority to book a taxi to take passengers from the Palestinian side to the Israeli-controlled terminal in Rafa'ah, the destination they are targeting.

According to Rishmawi, he has an Israeli permit - issued - for tour groups to enter Jerusalem and Israel, which he leads, and to travel to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Gaza lies between Israel and Egypt and, despite its problems, has a relatively modern infrastructure and architecture. A UN report as early as 1952 stated that the strip could feed its population of 300,000 people, but today has well over 1.7 million inhabitants. Unemployment is around 20 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund, while the Islamic militant Hamas has ruled since it seized the territory from Abbas in a violent takeover in 2007.

The current situation began when Israel occupied Gaza in 1967, and since its withdrawal it has dismantled what it had built. The Israeli military recently bombed Gaza City, the largest city in the Gaza Strip, which is home to more than 1.5 million people. The Egyptian army took control of Gaza after the 1948 war that led to Israel's independence and opened a camp for Palestinian refugees. Israel left Gaza in 1948, with the city of Gaza being the site of its first military base and an important port. Turning your gaze away from the setting sun, you can see the ruins of the ancient city that was recently bombed by the Israeli military, as well as the remains of an old hospital.

The Palestinian city is located under the wall that separates Israel from Palestinian territory and straddles the border between the Gaza Strip and the Israeli West Bank, as well as Gaza City, the capital of Gaza.

Although the UN recorded more hotel and travel bookings, it has not been able to offset the flood of cancellations following the conflict in Gaza. When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, the InterContinental Hotels Group withdrew from the city, and major American and European hotel chains were prevented from seeing the potential paradise as a source of revenue. In recent years, Hilton has sold some of its hotels to the European Leonardo chain, which operates hotels throughout Israel and builds larger hotels.

If you are visiting Israel, I would highly recommend a stop in Bethlehem, but there is no intercontinental hotel in Jericho. Palestinians wishing to leave Gaza must pass through Israel - controlled, and Gaza has not had a functioning airport since its only airport, Gaza International Airport in Gaza City, closed in 2000. If you are planning to travel to the hotel with an Israeli rental car, you may be able to wait for an evaluation when you return to Israel in the near future.

If you are coming to Palestine and you forget or are turned back at the border, or if the Intercontinental Bethlehem is cancelled and you have booked a hotel in Bethlehem, please call me before you book your hotel in Jerusalem.

The Grand Mosque of Gaza is located in Gaza City, in the heart of the Gaza Strip, just a few kilometers from the border with Israel.

Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections and the airport in Gaza was built, but there was no hope of peace. The Israeli postcard company Palphot printed a series of postcards from the same year that Israel captured Gaza from Egypt in the Six-Day War, when Israelis and international travelers began visiting Gaza to shop and go on excursions. Hamas drove its Fatah rivals out of Gaza in 2006 and took control a year later. The Islamist organisation Hamas, which won the elections and forcibly expelled the remnants of the Palestinian Authority in 2007. Palestinian Authority and formed a government of the "Palestinian Authority" with the support of Israel, Egypt, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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