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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Friday morning to discuss the latest developments, state radio reported. Israel's military censors have released the memoirs of a commando who killed Palestinian deputy leader Yasser Arafat in 1988. Standing at a cafeteria table in Tel Aviv, an Israeli spy studied the men and women of Mossad.

The Hamas leader in Gaza, Yehiyeh Sinwar, pictured from the makeshift facility, has ordered the group's military wing to establish two new quarantine centers. Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in 2009 after a bloody battle with its rival Fatah. Some, however, continue to fight Israel and many others refuse to recognize the state. But Movenpick withdrew and Israel was included by the United Nations Security Council, the European Union and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Oslo Accords were not enough to create a Palestinian state, but established the Palestinian Authority and gave it control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which is ruled by Hamas. The agreement failed to resolve key issues, though many Palestinians hoped it would pave the way for a peace deal between Israel and Hamas and a future state in the Middle East. But the Palestinians still do not have a state, while the Palestinian Authority dominates the Gaza Strip only to a limited extent - it rules the West Bank, while Hamas controls Hamas. However, a series of peace talks between Palestinians and Israel, hosted by the United States in Washington, D.C., in July and August last year, failed to resolve tensions.

At the time, it was difficult to get imported goods through the tightly controlled border crossings between Israel and Gaza. Traffic to Gaza has been suspended since 2007 after severe restrictions, and since then, according to the UN, there have been difficulties in getting imports into and out of Gaza and importing supplies from the West Bank and the Middle East through strict controls at the Israel-Gaza border crossings.

Access to clean water and electricity remains at crisis levels and affects almost every aspect of life in Gaza. The health system is in chaos due to chronic funding shortages and limited access to primary health care. The worsening effects of repeated armed conflict and violence in the Gaza Strip continue to have a significant impact on the health and education of the 1.2 million Gazans. According to the UN, the number of children under the age of five needing medical treatment reached its lowest level in 2014.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has promised to withdraw from Gaza by next year, but is facing strong opposition from his own party. If Israel continues its settlement policy in the West Bank and undermines the chances of a Palestinian state, chances of a lasting peace will diminish.

According to al-Masri, this could lead to increased Israeli involvement in the fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He pointed out, however, that Israel has many enemies and that many Arabs and Muslims have been marginalized. Barhum said Israel may be trying to lure Hamas to Palestine, but the rights of Palestinians and their right to self-determination and freedom of movement must be respected.

Oron rejected the notion that incidents like the Taba bombing make such incidents inevitable. He said: "We know very well what happened in Sinai and what is happening in Sinai and we know that Arab people would step in and say," This is a reaction to what Israel is doing in Gaza. "" She said she had no doubt that what was happening in the northern Gaza Strip was inextricably linked to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and to Israel's occupation of the West Bank.

Carpinell, who previously managed hotels in Majorca and the Dominican Republic, became the first female hotel manager in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) after spending eight months in Gaza, according to the hotel's website.

When clashes broke out across the border, Hamas and other militant groups fired at least ten mortar shells. The Israeli Air Force carried out four strikes in Gaza, and there have also been a number of limited escalations of hostilities, including a mortar attack on a militant base in the southern Gaza Strip. Israel has been waging a two-year war with Hamas since the conflict began in March 2014, which has resulted in thousands of Palestinian deaths. Israeli tanks stationed near the border fired on targets that the army said were Hamas targets.

Egypt and Jordan have established diplomatic and economic relations with Israel, and both countries host many Israeli tourists every year. Israeli officials were unimpressed with Egypt's response to the Sinai bombing, which they said had nothing to do with it, and said they were "not at all surprised" by the attack. Palestinians say it is the latest in a series of attempts to kill Palestinians to maintain control of the Gaza Strip, a major source of income for Hamas and other militant groups.

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